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My journey with photography started when I was 8 years old when my great-uncle enlisted me as his apprentice. I can distinctly remember the overwhelming joy of touching the big camera with my small hands and fascinated by its intricacies. I remember forgetting about time and reality when working with my uncle in the darkroom and the precise excitement of an image magically appear on a blank canvas in water. His patience, passion and artistic appreciation for photography continue to guide my work today.
New technologies and digital capabilities will continue to push the science of photography, but essential elements remain. I am naturally gravitate to black & white photography because it unmasks reality and accentuate the basic forms of human body and landscape. Black & white photography demands reciprocal interactions from the viewers, thus transforming an image into an experience that touches and echoes with the human soul.

I respect and inspired by the works of Ansel Adam, Bruce Weber, Georgia O’Keefe and many others. In addition to taking photography classes to enhance my techniques, I also challenge myself to explore other forms such as drawing and fundamental and digital design to sharpen my perception and senses and apply them back into photography.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!